Kids Walk Program

Why hold a Kids Walk at your school?

The two goals of this program are to teach students about diabetes and to raise money for type 1 diabetes research. The program gives students the opportunity to help those affected by diabetes AND raise money for their school!

Benefits to your school:

  • Your school receives 10% of the money raised back in cash to use on whatever you need!
  • JDRF staff and volunteers will conduct a school assembly. We teach kids about diabetes, making healthy diet and exercise choices, and then give them ideas on how to collect donations.
  • Your school will receive a banner to display, depending on the amount you raise.
  • JDRF takes care of collecting the money. The teacher never has to collect, count, or keep track of the money. We do all the work!
  • Students earn fabulous prizes depending on the amount of money they collect.

It’s EASY and the kids love it! For more information, email Ashley Trasser , Sr. Development Coordinator at

The staff at Taunton Forge dressed up in formal wear to celebrate their students
reaching their dollar goal for JDRF!