Kids Walk Program

Why hold a Kids Walk at your school?

The JDRF Kids Walk program is an educational, in-school fundraising program with two goals: to teach students about diabetes and to raise money for type 1 diabetes research. The program gives students the opportunity to help those affected by diabetes AND raise money for their school!

Our program helps to foster an environment of positive character building and community service.  Your school can earn funds to use for equipment, field trips, books, or whatever your school needs!

It’s FUN, it’s EASY, and it’s EDUCATIONAL! And… it’s all about Kids Helping Kids!

Benefits to your school:

  • Your school receives 10% of the money raised back in cash to use on whatever you need!
  • JDRF staff and volunteers will conduct a school assembly. We teach kids about diabetes, making healthy diet and exercise choices, and then give them ideas on how to collect donations.
  • Your school will receive a banner to display, depending on the amount you raise.
  • JDRF takes care of collecting the money. The teacher never has to collect, count, or keep track of the money. We do all the work!
  • Students earn fabulous prizes depending on the amount of money they collect.

For more information click here or call 856.429.1101. 

The staff at Taunton Forge dressed up in formal wear to celebrate their students
reaching their dollar goal for JDRF!