Bag of Hope

Outreach supports the newly diagnosed in our community. Our most recent project is to match up more experienced families with those that are newly diagnosed, matching the ages of children as closely as possible. If you or your child would like to take part in this project to help the newly diagnosed, please email Barb Garrison at bgarrison@jdrf.org


T1D Tuesday Talk
The fourth Tuesday of every month there will be an informal get together for T1D family and friends. This is an opportunity for you to support each other and discuss type 1 in your lives. Contact Barb Garrison at 856.429.1101 or bgarrison@jdrf.org  to learn more about upcoming “T1D Tuesday Talk” dates and locations.

T1D Friends & Family Group
Join this interactive opportunity to meet other T1Ds and family members and ask questions of T1Ds who have already gone through the initial diagnosis as well as those that have been living with type one for a number of years.  Meetings will be held at the JDRF South Jersey Chapter office and will be an informal and comfortable gathering.

T1D Friends and Family will be held every bi-monthly on the second Thursday of the month on the following dates from 6:30pm-8:00pm :

Thursday, March 12th
Thursday, May 14th

RSVP to Barb Garrison at 856-429-1101 or bgarrison@jdrf.org.


Type 1 Adults
If you are a type 1 adult seeking the support of other type 1 adults, please contact Barb Garrison at 856-429-1101 or bgarrison@jdrf.org.